one of these nights
little bean,
when it’s crisp and cold
and our toes are bold
we’re gonna climb a tree,
the highest we can find
and pick the moon,
snatch it down from the sky
and the stars will cry
“give it back!”
“give it back!”
and we’ll pretend,
we’ll try
to tuck it away
in your jacket pocket,
as if it would fit
next to the heart,
the one i gave you
way back when
the world was brand new
for you
and you renewed it
for me

then we’ll race the rabbits
past the garden gate
and give Mommy the moon
and maybe,
just maybe…
we’ll see it shine
in her eyes
before it rises

(December 26, 2010)

I came across this one while going through some old files and decided to blow the dust off and see if it garners any WordPress lovin’.

When I drink, I either go straight into Bukowski-esque mode and write about my alcohol-fueled adventures in madness, or I get in this silly-but-melancholic state where I think of my daughter when she was a “little bean” and we used to play story games and poem games and… anyway, bits like this come out.

If you like, please let me know. I have others that are along these lines I’d be happy to share. They may even make it into my poetry book — yes, that’s still in the works — since they represent moments in my alcoholic journey where the insanity stepped aside long enough to allow the part of me that actually gives a shit to express itself.