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If you follow my blog (or just look at the archived posts to your right), you’ll know that I’ve been busy lately. But you don’t know the half of it.

I was diagnosed a while back with bi-polar disorder, though they weren’t sure — depression was still being considered since I hadn’t had a manic episode for a while. In any case, I’ve been riding a manic wave now for the past few weeks and holy shit is this a big one. I literally just cannot stop.

The downside sucks — barely sleeping, running around like a gawdamn chicken with its head cut off and driving everyone around me nuts — but the upside rocks. I have gotten more done in the last few weeks than I think I have all year. I’ve been writing, I’m building stuff in my workshop, the house has never been cleaner, and I’ve even been squeezing in things like crosswords, reading, and even playing board games with my daughter.

They started me on a new med — Invega — to try to tone things down a bit, but I almost don’t want to take it. I’m really, really enjoying this productive burst and don’t want it to stop. I know that it will stop on its own, eventually, and the higher and longer it goes, the worse the crash at the end will be. So I’m cooperating. For now. At least they started me on a very low dose of the stuff, so it should be more like coasting to a normal speed and not slamming on the brakes. And so far, that seems to be the case, but we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m going to take advantage of the high while it lasts. More poems, more woodworking projects (didn’t know I did that, eh?), and searching for new things to clean around the house. I also took up baking, which, it turns out, I’m fairly good at and thoroughly enjoy. But now to finally start cataloging the couple thousand photos we have scattered across three computers. Because I just don’t have enough to do. 😉